Achieve Lead Gen Zen with a series of fun meditations for marketers. Listen for free. Download for a charity donation.

Here's the thing. 2023 is a really terrible year to be a marketer in SaaS:

Mass layoffs

Team morale is in the toilet

Budget cuts

Huge pressure to hit pipeline goals

And that's the normal day to day

At the start of 2023, I asked myself: do I really want to be the guy just talking about marketing strategies on social media when people are having such a bad time?

Absolutely not.

In response, I decided to try to help other marketers try to smile and find a small moment of humor in the year. You may have seen my videos on LinkedIn.

In this series of Meditations for Marketers, I've tried to carry that on too. Some of these are admittedly tongue in cheek.

But everyone needs a giggle once in a while.

Others, though, are not that.

I honestly believe self-reflection to be a super important factor in quality of life, happiness and also performance.

So here you go. Enjoy this series of meditations for marketers.

Wait. Actually.

Before you do.

You can listen to these all for free above but if you'd like to download them for $20, I'll donate 100% of sales of this series to Mind, a mental health support charity here in the UK. As part of the download, you'll get the voice only (in case you hate fun music), audio only (in case you hate my voice) and both together (in case you love fun stuff)

You can do that on my store at this link