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A community for marketing teams of one person*.

Karaoke is a Slack-based community for solo marketers. You might be working on your own but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. 

  • Share the journey with other people just like you
  • Take part in virtual co-working sessions
  • Join masterclasses with community members

* OK OK. Small teams allowed too!

You've got questions.
We've got you.

What's with all the Karaoke references?

Simple. Jason and Marc who started this community shared a wonderful evening in Dublin trying to get marketers at a conference to all take part in Karaoke.

Unfortunately, it was a busted flush.

But still: don't you feel like there's a lot of parallels between standing with a mic in your hand at the karaoke booth and being a solo marketer?

Everyone's watching you. You're nervous. You feel awkward.

But here's the thing: Everyone wants you to succeed.

That's what Karaoke Community is about.

We’re doing it alone but want a room full of people to support.

What does solo mean?

In the classic sense, solo means one person.

But it's not always that straightforward: a lot of the time solo marketers are actually running small teams. That could include juniors or even seniors. But they're doing the majority of the strategy or advocacy within the company.

Honestly, you're as solo as you feel.