Use top search results to uncover new opportunities

A simple strategy for discovering high potential keywords when you're struggling to rank

When you're warming up a new domain for your SaaS or you've just started investing in content, it's usually difficult to get the attention you need purely from search.

There are, of course, lots of things you can do to make payday in the meantime:

  • Go for topical depth around a specific topic
  • Focus on BOFU terms that don't get much volume
  • Promote posts through paid ads either on search or social

But Josh Spilker, who works with B2B companies on their content strategies, proposes this relatively straightforward way of finding low-competition, high impact keywords for breaking into the top of the SERPs.

Leveraging Ahrefs to discover low-competition keywords

Josh says that:

As a smaller fish, you have to do a bit more work to chomp off a bit of that keyword search term. The good thing is, you have access to tools to help you.

This is especially true in busy industries. To prove just how possible this is, he uses the example of 'task management software'

In the article, Josh shows how easy it is to plug the top result from Google for any given focus keyword you want to rank for into a tool like Ahrefs and discover all the opportunities that the page is missing out on.

Notice the number of organic keywords that this page ranks for. This page has 810 keywords. Click on that number. This is your opportunity.

Filter for good keyword opportunities that top pages are ranking poorly for

Josh then takes the organic keywords that the top SERP result is ranking for and filters them down.

Firstly, he does it by estimated search volume, keeping in mind that Ahrefs is only an estimation – albeit it pretty close in my experience.

In the bar under “Organic Keywords,” filter the remaining words for a volume that will bring you meaningful traffic. I chose 500 as a monthly search volume, but you could leave it blank to see every word. You may start getting weird misspellings and variations, but you can comb through it until you find something you can use.

Then he filters out high keyword difficulty scoring terms that would be difficult for a new site or a site without a strong backlink profile to rank for.

What's left is a much shorter list with meaningful content opportunities for even the lowliest of SaaS businesses to rank for.

Here's another link to the original thing. Check it out.

Key Takeaways

December 9, 2020

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