A quick list with meaty resources to level up your SaaS SEO

SEO can be dizzying to get to grips with at first. There's a lot of acronyms; everyone you talk to tells you that it could be a long time before you see results; and that this practice or that strategy is the best one for your industry full stop, forever and ever, amen.

What I'm saying is: for people who are wanting to level up their basic skills or trying to get to grips with B2B SaaS SEO for the first time, it's rough.

So I'm really happy to see Tyler Hakes (who also wrote this on why you should never compete on price) wrote the SaaS SEO MBA.

Level up fast with authoritative resources

Curation efforts often end up with unfocused lists of any old link that people can find. I'm really careful to try and avoid this common pitfall.

And it looks like Tyler is too.

His list of 15 resources to get your honorary SaaS SEO MBA is tight, focused and jam packed with valuable information on the following:

  • Website setup and architecture
  • SaaS strategy and frameworks
  • Content
  • Link building
  • Teardowns and case studies – including this beautiful one by Ross Simmonds

So if you're looking for a quality intro to B2B SaaS SEO for you or your loved ones (cofounders!) then this is a great place to send them.

Or... you know... the SEO resources page on this very site.

Here's another link to the original thing. Check it out.

Key Takeaways

December 9, 2020

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