Ad ideas: target integration customers on Facebook

An unusually helpful listicle for people thinking about paid ads

I've got to confess: I don't enjoy running ads for B2B SaaS. I actually don't enjoy setting up or monitoring campaigns for any kind of advertising.

I find it hard to manage the data and make sure that the ROI is there.

Which is one of the (many) reasons I prefer to focus on organic channels – although I do use paid channels to promote new content (a story for another time).

But this post by Foundation (see @thecoolestcool) is one that filled me with ideas of things to try out next time I'm taking a trip into Facebook's Ad Manager.

How to target people interested in specific integrations on Facebook

Integrations with other products are often the entry point for B2B SaaS. A lead will frequently choose one product over another because they support the ecosystem of other tools they already use through integrations.

So it makes sense to highlight integrations where they're available. Here's Foundation's example from Clearbit

But how do you target that?

Well, I have an idea. Let's say I'm integrating with Contentful (CMS) somehow. And I want to get in front of new b2b customers who use Contentful at work and might want an integration.

I could simply go to Ads Manager and target people who like Contentful's page on Facebook.

Which is fine. But right now there's only 2.5K people who fit that profile and that's not going to be enough.

So I'd probably also use a workaround.

First thing I'd do is use a tool like Builtwith to discover who is using Contenful.

Here's a list

Builtwith page for Contentful users

There's currently around 136K companies there.

If data privacy weren't an issue and this wouldn't break FB's terms, I'd plug these companies into a tool like Prospect.ioand download a list of target emails, create a lookalike audience on FB and just target that.

But that's not cool. Because people have a right to their privacy, friends.

Instead, I'd head over to LinkedIn and create a new campaign targeting people currently working at companies on this list and with the most specific job titles I could come up with that would fit the end user (I'd plumb my current user data for the best fit).

I'd choose the lowest possible budget ad creative that would get people to a specific integration landing page and pixel these people on FB.

I'd set up a custom audience for people who viewed that landing page.

This would give me a much broader but still highly targeted audience of people who were interested in an integration between a tool like mine and Contentful.

If you end up using this strategy, I'd love to hear some case studies. Ping me on Twitter.

Here's another link to the original thing. Check it out.

Key Takeaways

November 25, 2020

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