Google Analytics course by Coloring In Department

The in-depth Google Analytics course that you didn't know you wanted

Recently I had a problem with a Google Analytics setup.

I realised that my conversions and ultimately my ability to make choices about how to assign my time/effort/attention when working were off.

Google Analytics is complicated because it's made for people who want to see page views on their blog and also for enterprise level organisations who want to track complex multi-channel funnels.

You're never going to create an easy to use analytics tool when you're trying to serve those two markets.

And so it's no wonder that you need to buy additional resources or tear your hair out if you're going to get a grip on your data.

That's why I enrolled on the Coloring in Department's Google Analytics course. It's one of the most unique presentation styles that I've ever seen. It's also incredibly meaty – there's a LOT of stuff included.

The course helped me solve a problem my conversion tracking problem (turns out you need to specify any cross-domain conversion paths in the settings)

But also, it gave me a much more robust understanding of how I could improve my analytics skills just by implementing what Jill Quick (the instructor) calls the House model.

There were things in this course that I had never really considered:

  • That Google makes a guess at some of the sources/channels I'm using but I actually have to define them myself if I want to be sure
  • That I should make significant changes on a Test view before moving to a Report view
  • I didn't even know that Filters existed – which now feels incredibly basic but I get them now

This course isn't going to add a million to your ARR. But it might help you save a whole lot of that ARR from getting lost in a leaky analytics setup. And I think that's more than worth the £84.99 asking price.

Would recommend this for you if you're not sure your analytics data is telling you the whole truth; or if you're in a place where you're hoping to be a little more robust in your growth decisions.

Here's another link to the original thing. Check it out.

Key Takeaways

November 2, 2020

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