Why is Blinkist's landing page so good?

Blinkist's landing page is a great example of a company who know their customer well and drill down on that.

Blinkist know exactly who their customer is – it's CEOs, founders, VCs and other general tech people who are pretty busy and are either looking for a way to increase their knowledge quickly or to read books faster.

They know how to perfect that customer profile – they make reference to people like Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens) and other writers like Seth Godin throughout.

Their free trial explainer is the best I’ve ever seen – this is one of the best illustrations of how much value I'll get from a trial that I've seen yet.

Their teaser content is expansive – This is so important for product businesses.

But what’s up with their CTAs? – Seems like a missed opportunity!

Here's another link to the original thing. Check it out.

Key Takeaways

October 12, 2020

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