Positive Human is here to help SaaS marketers create marketing systems that remove friction for buyers

1. Marketing is simple but not easy

When you boil it down, all marketing is:

  • Right Person
  • Right Time
  • Right Message
  • Right Action

That's a simple concept but a complicated reality

2. Marketing doesn't have to be an uphill struggle

Most marketers feel that they live in a world of lack: lack of attention, lack of leads, lack of progress

It doesn't have to be this way

But you need to change the story for yourself

3. Attention is in short supply

Lots of people think attention spans are getting shorter

I do not believe that's fair

There's just more pull for attention

To consistently get into their ICP’s heads, marketers have to become unignorable

4. Great marketing helps customers see themselves

A core question for marketers is this:

"How does this respond to what my customer feels?"

The answer isn't just about pains, challenges etc

It's also about delivery, taste, tone

5. Make marketing so good they want it after 5pm

Anyone can make something that passes a bar of 'is this ok?'

But creating marketing that's so good people actively *want* to consume it?

That's a high bar

Go from 'good enough' to 'so good they want it'

6. Everything is moving so fast. But great ideas are timeless

Sometimes, it feels like the speed of time passing is increasing

But great ideas – the ones that really resonate with your best customers – are timeless

Make it your job to seek out those ideas

7. Revenue doesn’t just happen – you have to make it happen

Great ideas and beautiful packaging are fine

But marketing's job is to connect the customer's desire for change with the solution provided by their product

Always offer a meaningful way for them to take action

8. Not all metrics matter, and not all that matters is measurable

Perfect attribution is an oasis – it looks good and when you find it you'll make perfect ROI based investments

But it doesn't exist

You have to build an attribution narrative that makes sense for your business